Reduce your carbon emissions with ebm-papst EC fan technology

ebm-papst has been producing fans and motors for nearly 50 years and is the world’s leading manufacturer of high quality, high efficiency, technologically advanced EC fans and motors. Our innovative GreenTech EC motor technology can help you to reduce energy consumption and a building's impact upon the environment.

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and other air movement applications can account for around one third of a building’s total carbon emissions. The good news is that using ebm-papst EC fans instead of traditional AC fans and motors can reduce this energy consumption by at least 30% and we can show you how. Our free seminars will help you to understand the basics of EC technology, give examples of how you can use EC products to reduce energy consumption and connect you with industry experts who can advise you on how to make it happen.

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AxiTop diffuser for axial fans

A simple diffuser with a groundbreaking twist reduces fan noise by up to 80% and power consumption by up to 27%. Alternatively the application can benefit from 9% more volume flow with no increase in energy consumption and still reducing noise by up to two thirds.

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 New portable room cooling solution dramatically reduces energy costs!

With our varied climate and busy lifestyles there is always a need for large portable fans. They may be used for cooling in an office or a gym or even used for drying plaster on a building site or drying walls in flood damaged buildings.

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